BAM Training is looking for people who want to take it up a level, shred some fat and get seriously fit and strong! Join us for unlimited strength & conditioning training guaranteed to get you fit, strong and feeling awesome.


  • Get yourself back to strong. A strong body will feel great and allow you to do whatever you want to do, plus you will have more energy.

  • Motivation: we make training challenging and exciting to keep you on track.

  • Expert trainers will coach you through every single workout. You learn the skills at your pace and learn how to do the movements correctly.

  • You can trust our training programs to give you the best full-body, balanced training. You will build your strength and conditioning safely and efficiently.

  • Relieve everyday stress and connect with some very cool people.


The classes are for all levels of fitness, we coach you at your level so you can improve and so that every single workout serves you. Just starting? Sweet, we love that and you will love how you feel at the end! Already a warrior? Then bring it on and see why Hardstyle Kettlebell Strength training, functional fitness and metabolic conditioning get such wicked results!


  • Commit to training 3 times per week (or more) in one of our many awesome classes!

  • Be prepared to bring it every time you train, no half-way, no complaining, just do your best and own it.




Our alignment based Hatha yoga will empower you with traditional movements while working on your core muscles and balance. Our yoga will focus on learning how to BE in your body, you will also realize how much fun yoga can be. Expect to laugh. Classes are for all levels.


This class encourages you to stretch deeply to work out stress and tension in your muscles. A great addition to our rigorous classes, and a valuable tool for hockey players, endurance athletes or anyone else who is looking for an active recovery. Through stretching and the use of foam rollers and other equipment, you will experience the following benefits from this class:

  • Increased Blood Flow. Myofascial release via exercises and  stretches 

  • Improved Movements.  

  • Better Range of Motion. 

  • Decreased Injury Risk. 

  • Decreased Recovery Time. 

  • Faster Results.

Give it a try and see how great you feel!


This class is based on primal movement patterns such as squats, lunges, push-ups, twisting and gait. The workouts are created to increase strength and power for your daily activities, sports and even physical work.  It doesn’t matter what you do in life, your body needs strong muscles to support you and to help you move effectively. 
The stronger you are, the easier your daily activities will be.


These 45 minute classes are intended for those who want to fit in a workout at lunch.  The class content is the same as our specialized one hour Metcon classes offered at BAM throughout the day with a shortened warm up and cool down to accommodate time limitations.


Who dreams about having a six-pack?  A six-pack might look great at the beach, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong core!! Core of steel will teach you how to engage the correct abdominal and gluteal muscles in order to help prevent potential injuries and lower back pain, all while targeting your fabulous abdominal muscles. That six pack will show up in no time!


These 45 minute classes are intended for those who want to fit in a workout at lunch time. The workout is the same as the hour-long Pure Strength class offered throughout the day; the warm-up and cool down have been shortened to accommodate the time limitation.


Our very popular high-intensity training class is not intended for the faint of heart! This class requires solid cardiovascular endurance. The flow is fast-paced, the exercises require mobility and functionality, and the atmosphere is uplifting! If you love intense workouts, join us for this weekly sweat party!


Metabolic conditioning classes comprised of functional exercises organized under creative and efficient protocols. This class will increase your cardiovascular capacity, as well as your agility, speed, power, endurance, and strength. All levels of fitness are welcomed. Warning: attending these classes regularly will dramatically increase your level of fitness and of happiness!


Come and learn the basics of boxing with our coach Lorraine. The class consists of shadowboxing, pad work, and bag work. You will learn how to throw a proper jab, work on your left hook, hit something that won't hit you back, burn a ton of calories, and go back home satisfied and relieved. All levels welcomed.