Since the class sizes are small, it is like having a personal trainer helping you out, and Louise and the other trainers are great people who really care and take the time to cater the workouts to each person’s level of fitness and ability. I can’t say enough good things about BAM Training!
— Glenn Washer
Dear BAM Folks,

I thought I’d take a minute to let you know about something I’d been thinking this week. I know people are much more likely to share negative feedback than positive feedback, but when your people are doing something SO right, it needs to be said!

I started working out at BAM back in December and came to it with a lot of experience at other gyms, having taught group fitness for more than 25 years. Now “retired”, I have enjoyed the new challenges I’ve encountered at BAM and love, love LOVE the people, the atmosphere and the coaching.

I want to give a particular shout-out to Wendy. This week, in very little time in two separate classes, and with a gracious, kind approach, she subtly changed both my box jump and my kettlebell swing to be more efficient & effective. These are the two exercises I was most inexperienced with when I came to BAM, and I greatly appreciate her ability to see such small misalignments in the movements- but more so, her ability to simply get me doing them right in so little time and with such respect. She is all that a coach should be — exceptionally observant, knowledgeable, involved and committed to her participants getting the most out of their workouts.

Thanks for the great work the whole team does in making this place have the most positive and rewarding workout experiences I have had in decades. Does that make me sound old? ;)

— Sheila Dunwoodie