Stephanie Gartner

Stephanie has been an active person starting from a young age. In the summer you will find her swimming laps, biking around and simply enjoying the outdoors. In the winter she and her family are on the ski hill every chance they get.

Her passion is Kettle Bells. You can find her doing her favorite TGUS or anything that has to do with lifting heavy things.

Stephanie discovered what is now BAM about 6 yrs. ago and fell in love with KB’s and functional fitness. She proceeded to get her CNT 1 and then invited and organized John Hinds to come to Montreal and teach a group of trainers and members the CNT 2 course as well. She has since completed several KB user classes from Louka Kurcer, the KB king of Montreal. Steph is always trying to further master her knowledge and technique of her beloved KB’s.

Stephanie has also created the popular outdoor Spartan Training class at our gym which is held at a different outdoor location every Sunday morning around the West Island.


Lorraine Ouimet

Lorraine specializes in Metabolic Training, Boxing, and Nutrition She holds a Can-Fit Pro certification in Personal Training and has trained with some of the best boxing coaches around, such as the Grant Brothers. She now trains with the Canadian Super-Middle-Weight champion, Shakeel Phinn. She has also earned a Precision Nutrition certification in Sports Nutrition, which she uses to help people develop and maintain clean eating habits that keeps them young, healthy, energetic, and lean.
Lorraine left a job in academia — as a professor of literature-- for a career in fitness She still believes that much can be learned about life in books; however, she can also tell you how much can be learned about life in the boxing ring.

Wendy Tillett

Senior Trainer, Yoga Instructor, brings a unique sense of humor and boundless energy to her training and to everyone around her. You will find her in the gym lifting seriously heavy, and then dancing the rest interval! When she is not teaching or training at BAM Training, Wendy is painting (take a look!, or depending on the season, cycling, running, skiing, or SUP paddling. Her other interests include the environment, wildlife, travel and triathlons. Level 2 Certified Natural Trainer, WKC Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Suspension Trainer Specialist, Certified Ashtanga, Yoga Instructor, CPR/first aid.



Born in Montreal, Quebec to parents of Barbadian and Haitian decent, Jason is an athlete who specializes in explosive, HIIT and core training. He loves to motivate people, trains clientele of all ages and had the opportunity to mentor at-risk youth to help guide them to the right direction, through fitness. Several years of athletics training include basketball, soccer, volleyball, calisthenics, and running track lead me to believe that the core is the foundation of all necessary movements and it all starts with a strong mindset. His creative workouts makes fitness fun and exciting, you can follow him on instagram: @jason_thecore_altidor

During his childhood, Jason was in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet for three years where he learned survival skills, social development, decision-making and leadership. His current interests and area of expertise include computer graphics, videography, animation and web development. He also writes poetry in his spare time.



Lisa’s journey into the fitness industry started with her own weight loss goals. She quickly fell in love with training and creating her own workout plans. This was only the beginning. Lisa decided she wanted to share her positive energy and knowledge with others. She was certified by the YMCA in 2015, and in 2016 completed her kickboxing certification with Kickboxing Canada. Lisa has experience in private training, strength circuit classes, aqua fitness, kickboxing and cardio circuit classes. Lisa’s goal is to motivate and encourage others to find the same joy and benefits to exercising as she did. Movement changed her life and it is her passion, she hopes to inspire as many people she can.


Alison Hewitt

Alison is a functional fitness & lifestyle Coach with a core-centred approach. She began her fitness career in 2013 after leaving corporate and looking to heal from an autoimmune condition. She was lucky enough to discover the functional style at BAM early-on in her career in 2014, adores the focus on super alignment, bodyweight workouts and kettlebells, which she totally credits to changing her life. Alison did her CNT 1 & 2 certifications with BAM in 2015.

Alison adores helping people create a solid foundation for building amazing deep internal strength and power through functional training, like she did for herself. Specializing in calisthenics, kettlebells, suspension training and barre, Alison incorporates these into her programming for group and private training. She is also obsessed with essential oils, mindset and cultivating deep self-respect through training.

She believes having great body awareness and posture is key to shifting everything in not only your physical body but also mental and emotional states.

Alison is also a certified massage therapist and essential oils pro, bringing a lot of supportive tools for changing lifestyle habits. She’s a Mom, really really into salads, music, and loves skiing. Alison played soccer up until last year and misses it a ton. She now loves training teams on land! Strong happy people are her favourite. Alison is super duper ecstatic to have cultivated the knowledge and experience to be able to Coach with the amazing BAM Team an Community. XOXO


Barb Kaminer

Barb has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years first as a personal trainer and then as a fitness instructor. She is certified in multiple Les Mills programs (Bodypump, Bodycombat, Cxworx) and ran her own successful outdoor BootKAMp for many years.

She is a stickler for form and loves to motivate people to do their best.

When she’s not out coaching participants, she is happiest in the company of books and cats (oh, and her wife and son 😉).


Jerry Dzindzio




Robin is a highly experienced Registered Dietitian with a private practice in the West­ Island. She works with clients & athletes of all ages to help optimize their health & performance. When it comes to nutrition, she believes in striking the right balance between health & enjoyment, and does not believe in rules, restriction or deprivation. Robin has made several media appearances as a nutritional expert, including on Global Morning News, Breakfast Television, CBC Radio Noon and CJAD.